Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Action Plan: Canada Research Chairs Program

Earlier this year, the Canada Research Chair (CRC) Program delivered a mandate to all institutions in Canada that participate in the program to develop internal Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Plans by December, 2017.


Simon Fraser University is an institution whose strength is based on our shared commitments to diversity, equity and inclusion. Diversity is an underlying principle of the University's Strategic Vision, which pledges SFU to “foster a culture of inclusion and mutual respect, celebrating the diversity reflected among its students, faculty, staff and our community.”

The first step to creating SFU's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Plan is consulting with the SFU community. A committee comprised of representation from faculty, administration, SFUFA and staff are working to develop a plan for SFU that will increase transparency in CRC allocations, and selection and renewal processes. This process will also inform future employment equity initiatives within SFU's expanding equity portfolio.

If you would like more information on this process, please contact Theresa Burley, major grants administrator, SFU's Major Projects Office at

Equity, Diversity, and inclusion

The Government of Canada and the Canada Research Chairs Program (CRCP) are committed to excellence in research and research training for the benefit of Canadians. Achieving a more equitable, diverse and inclusive Canadian research enterprise is also essential to creating the excellent, innovative and impactful research necessary to seize opportunities and for responding to global challenges. As such, the program is committed to the federal government’s policies on non-discrimination and employment equity.