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Research Facilities

Core Facilities


What is a Core Facility?

Over the last 10 years, the university has invested in core facilities, which are purpose-built to house and provide access to infrastructure shared across the whole SFU community and beyond. These facilities allow for the pooling of resources at a university scale, providing opportunities to acquire world-class equipment and to realize economies of scale in facility management.

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4D LABS is SFU's open-access applications and science-driven core facility. It offers fully-customized research and development programs for researchers, start-ups and industry in any sector.

Scientific Director
Neil Branda |

Big Data

SFU is investing in the growth of data-intensive research across all eight faculties to raise awareness of big data in every field of study and mobilize knowledge for real world impact.

Scientific Director
Fred Popowich |

Containment Level 3 (CL3) Lab

SFU’s Containment Level 3 (CL3) Lab is one of a few biosecure facilities in Canada that are certified by the Public Health Agency of Canada. Researchers can safely conduct research activities on Risk Group 3 pathogens to help advance breakthrough discoveries that will benefit society. Lab services and access is currently only available to the SFU research community.

Scientific Director
Ralph Pantophlet |

eBrain Lab

eBrain Lab's toolset often includes various forms of neurotechnologies (e.g., biosensors, brain stimulation), data mining techniques (e.g., signal or image processing, machine learning), virtual/augmented reality, behavioral assessments and computerized behavioral training.

Scientific Director
Faranak Farzan |

ImageTech Lab

The result of SFU's partnership with Fraser Health, ImageTech Lab is a world-class medical imaging research facility—the first of its kind in Western Canada. 

Scientific Director
Carolyn Sparrey |

Institutional Facilities

The following are SFU research facilities available to the entire university community. These facilities are not part of the Core Facilities Program model. 

SFU Library

Spread across SFU's three campuses in Burnaby, Surrey and Vancouver, the SFU Library is: Open for research.  Open for learning.  Open for collaboration. The SFU Library subscribes to a number of citation databases. It also oversees the Simon Fraser University Open Access Policy.

Animal Care Services

Animal Care Services (ACS) at SFU is committed to providing faculty, staff and students with high quality, cost-effective research and teaching animal resources. In addition to suitable housing facilities and animal husbandry services for animals used in biomedical research, ACS provides veterinary services, personnel training and expertise in common laboratory methodologies, anaesthesia and surgical techniques for rodents, birds and fish.

    Supercomputer Cedar

    As one of four Canadian supercomputing and data centre sites, and one of the most power academic supercomputers in Canada, Cedar gives Canadian researchers access to the latest advanced research computing resources and expertise.