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Research safety compliance processes are overseen by SFU's Vice-President, Research and Innovation, but are managed by Safety and Risk Services.

Radiation Safety

  • The use of radioactive materials or equipment generating ionizing radiation is federally regulated by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) and provincially by WorkSafeBC.
  • SFU’s Radiological Safety Policy R20.04 establishes terms of reference, policies and procedures concerning the safe receiving, storage, handling and disposal of Radiological Materials in accordance to all relevant standards.
  • The University Radiation Safety Committee, as outlined by the CNSC, acts to oversee and audit the Radiation Safety program. The committee is comprised of researchers with expertise and interest in the use of radiation.

For more information visit SRS/Radiation Safety


  • SFU has a comprehensive biosafety program to ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements and is governed by the Institutional Biosafety Committee under the Vice President, Research and Innovation.
  • If you are an SFU faculty member conducting research, teaching and testing involving biohazardous material that is undertaken under the auspices of SFU and/or using SFU resources you are required to apply for a biosafety permit through the biosafety permit database.

For more information visit SRS/Biosafety

Laser Safety

photo of laser apparatus

  • Users of lasers and lasers systems have a responsibility to protect themselves and others from the hazards arising from their use of these devices. The SFU Laser Safety Program, Radiation Safety Policy R20.04 and the Laser Safety Manual have been developed to enable students, staff and faculty to safely work with lasers.
  • The Principal Investigator is responsible for notifying the Laser Safety Officer (LSO) of the lasers or laser systems under his/her control, and for ensuring that the proper laser signage is in place.

For more information visit SRS/Laser Safety

Field Activities


  • Supervisors are required to adequately plan their field activities and assess and mitigate the risks. This will include, for example, ensuring team members have appropriate training, have adequate personal protective equipment, and know how to secure emergency assistance.

For more information visit SRS/Field Safety webpage

Dive Safety


  • SFU personnel and students who participate in scuba diving or snorkelling activities as part of their research, occupation or instruction must be registered in the SFU Scientific Diving Program. Before undertaking diving activities under university auspices, they must have received authorization to dive/snorkel from the University Diving Safety Officer.

For more information contact SFU Professor Isabelle Côté, Department of Biological Sciences: room B8272, or 778-782-3705
You can also visit SRS/Dive Safety