Sustainability permeates every aspect of SFU, from research and teaching to campus operations and community engagement.

Some of our recent milestones:

  • In 2021 we opened one of Canada’s largest biomass plants. It will reduce our Burnaby campus greenhouse gas emissions by 80%. We also pledge to shift half our energy use to renewable resources by 2025.
  • We reduced our investment portfolio’s carbon footprint by 43%, in line with meeting or exceeding our 2025 reduction goal of 45%.
  • We introduced Living Lab, a program in which student and faculty researchers, as well as staff, can test and apply innovative sustainability ideas to our own infrastructure and facilities.
  • In 2019 we opened Western Canada’s first School of Sustainable Energy Engineering, housed in a new LEED® Gold-certified building that is a living showcase for sustainable building standards.
  • Our new School of Environmental Science is training the next generation of scientists to tackle the environmental problems we face today and into the future.

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