Energy Commitment

In 2010, SFU signed a Statement of Action committing itself to institutional energy savings goals as a means to support the Sustainability Policy (GP 38).

The Statement of Action commits SFU to:

  • Reduce total energy consumption by a minimum of 2% per year
  • Develop achievable and practical plans to achieve our reduction goals
  • Support the provincial government's goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 33% below 2007 levels by 2020, to achieve the goal of 80% reduction by 2050
  • Implement a rigorous measurement and verification procedure, and strive to be fully accountable for our actions
  • Exercise leadership in engaging the university community to contribute to saving energy through behavioural change and educational events

The University's 2022/2023 - 2026/27 Strategic Energy Management Plan (SEMP) supports the University Sustainability Plan and its long term commitment to energy efficiency and conservation. The SEMP provides a strategic framework for minimizing energy consumption by describing energy conservation actions currently underway as well as planned actions to guide the University's efforts in meeting its energy conservation commitments.