Emergency preparedness

The Emergency & Continuity Planning department prepares strategies and plans for the SFU community to address emergencies that could cause disruptions to university operations.

SFU Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan

SFU GP 31 Emergency Management

Review the resources below to learn what you can do to get prepared and informed.

Emergency procedures

Review hazard-specific emergency procedures.

Personal preparedness

Get prepared by making an emergency plan and building or purchasing an emergency kit.

Get involved

Join our teams of emergency volunteers and building evacuation coordinators to help keep the community safe and informed.

SFU Alerts

Sign up for SFU Alerts and review all SFU emergency notification channels.


Join annual preparedness events, ShakeOut BC and WinterReady (formerly Winterfest).


Join regular workshops and request specific training for CPR/AED use, active threat procedures, and emergency preparedness.