Reconciliation Reports

SFU’s Reconciliation Reports highlight the story of reconciliation at SFU, where we are today, and where we want to go in our journey together. The reports include Aboriginal Strategic Initiatives (ASI)-funded work that has been undertaken at SFU- and a summary of the progress on the 34 calls to action set out in the SFU Aboriginal Reconciliation Council’s (SFU-ARC) 2017 report, Walk This Path With Us. Indigenous languages are woven throughout the reports to amplify the voices of Indigenous peoples and honour Indigenous knowledge.

Reconciliation at SFU

SFU’s commitments to reconciliation are evidenced throughout the myriad of projects and initiatives underway across the university. From establishing a new Indigenous leadership position, to forward momentum on the long-awaited First Peoples’ Gathering House and planned expansion of the Indigenous Student Centre as well as new Indigenous-themed academic, and professional development offerings; progress toward reconciliation is happening across our university. 

Past reconciliation reports (2018-2021)

Walk This Path With Us

The SFU-ARC’s Walk This Path With Us 2017 report helps to frame and to respond to some of the key issues, challenges and opportunities that SFU faces in the university’s collective efforts to respond to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s 2015 report and Calls to Action

Walk This Path With Us highlights the groundwork ahead for the SFU community on its collaborative journey towards reconciliation. Projects are well underway across the university to implement the report’s 34 calls to action, organized into four main clusters:

  • Creating safe and welcoming spaces for Aboriginal peoples
  • Curriculum innovation and indigenization
  • Student pathways and support
  • Administration, hiring and project implementation

Looking Forward ... Indigenous Pathways To and Through Simon Fraser University

The Looking Forward ... Indigenous Pathways To and Through Simon Fraser University report responds to the (SFU-ARC) Walk This Path With Us report, specifically Call to Action 15, to recommend multiple ways to improve Indigenous students’ access, transition and retention. 

Engagement with Indigenous Governments, Communities and Organizations

The Engagement with Indigenous Governments, Communities and Organizations report details the findings of the first survey of its kind for faculty and staff on SFU’s engagement with Indigenous governments, communities and organizations. The survey is intended to help gain further understanding of current external Indigenous engagement activities and work being done to deepen relationships and engagement with Indigenous partners. 

The report showcases more than 50 examples of engagement initiatives with 55 Indigenous governments and communities and 16 other Indigenous organizations. These engagements take place not only in B.C., but also across the country, in 11 out of 13 provinces and territories, and even internationally in Guatemala and New Zealand.