The Science Peer Mentorship program is designed to support new students, both first year and transfer, in their social, personal, and academic transition to the Faculty of Science. Experienced and trained upper-year peer mentors check-in with their mentees frequently throughout their first term to provide guidance and insights, answer questions, and connect them to resources, events, and involvement opportunities.


What does a Science Peer Mentor do?
  • Provide guidance, support, and advice to new SFU Faculty of Science students through sharing of your own SFU experience and facilitating their personal and academic growth
  • Foster a robust support network by telling mentees about and referring them to other campus resources and organizations
  • Connect with a likeminded group of peers who are similarly committed to contributing to the SFU Faculty of Science community by helping new students
  • Gain training and supervision in interpersonal, leadership, and communication skills
  • Gain recognition on SFU’s Co-Curricular Record (CCR)

“I also got to reaffirm my passion for helping others. It helped me re-scope what I wanted to do in the future since it’s easy to lose track of that as we get all caught up in lectures and labs”

MBB Mentor

“SFU staff are so kind and welcoming, but asking questions to an advisor or professor comes with an added level of stress when you are a first year student…being able to come to me with questions, issues, or even just to chat helped them avoid loneliness that some people feel early on in their university career.”

Physics Mentor

How do I become a Mentee?

Once you have a SFU email address and Student ID Number you can sign-up here. We will continue to take more mentees as long as the team has capacity. When you are paired with a trained mentor (likely mid to late August) the program coordinator will let you know via email.

If you have any questions about the role, the program, or how to get involved in the Science community please contact Carmen Ho (  

“My mentor was amazing, she really helped me feel more confident and prepared for university. She…answered all my questions…referred [me] to resources that could help me…any time I was stressed out I felt that I could rely on her for advice and support.”

MBB Mentee

How do I become a Science Peer Mentor?

Applications are now closed.

“the perfect blend I had been looking for to become more involved in the SFU community and…directly working with people”

MBB Mentor

“I felt that [my mentor] cared about me and did the best she possibly could…I think the program was great and really helped ease my transition into university”

Statistics and Actuarial Science Mentee

“Through the role I have had the chance to meet wonderful [mentees]…to engage with my peers at a time when it was really hard to connect…best of all I got to work towards a goal without feeling like I was working, I truly enjoyed every moment of the peer mentorship program!”

Chemistry Mentor

“[My mentor] is so lovely! She encouraged me…thanks to her I did not give up and…did not feel isolated!”

Math Mentee