Creating a Restricted Page

Maillist, Page Properties

Restricting a page consists of two major steps:

Creating a Restricted Page

Create the page(s) to be restricted and add a mailing list to allow viewing and access.

1.  Create the page to be restricted.

2.  Go to Page Properties (either right-click once on the page name listed in the right panel of the WCM > Properties; or Sidekick > Page tab > Page Properties).

3.  Click on the Advanced Tab of Page Properties and click on the arrow beside Restricted Page Viewing.

4.  The Restricted Page Viewing section is now expanded.

5. Check the Enabled box, then click on the Add Item or plus (+) symbol beside the SFU Maillists field.

6.  Enter the maillist to be associated with the restricted page(s) (see Creating a Restricted Page Maillist)
leaving out the ''. Click on the plus symbol to add additional maillists.

7.  Click OK.

8.  IMPORTANT NOTE: You must wait 20 minutes for AEM to create the access groups. A script is run every 20 minutes to import mailing list members. If the page is activated before the members have been imported via the script, the page will be restricted, but no one will be able to log in. 

9.  Activate the page.

Child pages of a restricted page will automatically be restricted. Additional permissions can be added to child pages, but they will not affect the parent page(s).

Because Restricted pages are hidden in the left navigation, you will need to create and maintain an unrestricted landing page containing a link to the Restricted page(s). See Creating an unrestricted landing page.

Note: Page restriction only applies to pages on the publisher side ( Authors with access to the page in the production environment ( will still be able to view restricted pages, without being on the maillists that the page is open to.

Inserting a Logout Component

A logout component can be added to a restricted page(s) for security measures using the inherited content option. Visitors will be able to clear their credentials and log out from the restricted page(s) using the logout button.

Note: The logout button will appear on all restricted page underneath the navigation and at the top of each page in mobile view. It is only visible when a user accesses a restricted page.

Follow the steps below to insert a logout component in your restricted page:

1. Navigate to the homepage of your restricted page.

2. Select the Edit Inherited Content option from your Sidekick to add the Logout Component to the area below the navigation.

3. From the Sidekick, drag-and-drop the Logout component into the section just below the navigation.

4. Select the Exit Inherited Content Section once the component has been added to the page.

Note: The Logout button will appear in all child pages of the restricted page when setup using inherited content.