Restricted Page Viewing

What is Restricted Page Viewing?

Restricted Page Viewing is an AEM feature that restricts the viewability and accessibility of certain pages and/or digital assets to users with authorized computing IDs.

Restricted pages are invisible in the navigation by default, and will not appear in search results. Digital assets such as downloadable files are protected from view via the Download component. An example of Restricted Page Viewing use is a departmental Intranet.

Warning: Any digital assets, such as PDFs, that must be restricted should NOT be uploaded to the DAM. The DAM is a public resource, and any files uploaded to the DAM will be viewable/accessible to the public. To protect files from public view/access, visit the Restricting a Downloadable File page.

How does Restricted Page Viewing work?

Restricted Page Viewing works by restricting a page's visibility to authorized users via associating the restricted page(s) with a specified mail list. Only members of the mail list will be able to view or access the Restricted pages upon logging in as authorized users.

Note: Only members with a SFU email account can access and view a restricted page. Other non-SFU email addresses in the mail list will not be able to access the restricted page.

By default, Restricted pages are invisible in the Navigation Bar. To allow visibility, AEM authors can create a landing page containing a link to the Restricted page(s).  The landing page will redirect the user to an authentication page where they can enter their user name and password. The Restricted Page(s) will become visible and accessible to authorized users upon login with a valid username and password belonging to a specified mail list. If users are logged in and there is no activity within the restricted section for 2 hours, their session will be timed out and they will be automatically logged off.