Restricting a Downloadable File


The Digital Asset Manager (DAM) is a public resource, and any files uploaded to the DAM will be viewable/accessible to the public. To protect files from public view/access, upload them to the appropriate Restricted page(s) via the Download component. Files uploaded directly to the Download component will not be visible in the Content Finder and are protected from public viewing.

1.  Insert the Download Component onto your Restricted page.

2.  Double-click on the Download Component placed on your page to open the in-component editing window.

3.  Click on the "Click to upload" Field, and then navigate to the file on the computer to be uploaded.

4.  The file is now uploaded.

5.  Include a description for any assets that are uploaded to the page via the Download component, then click OK. The file will only be accessible on this page, and will not be visible through the Content Finder. Do not upload restricted files to the Digital Asset Manager.