Sylvia Cho Recieves a SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship

May 15, 2018

The department would like to congratulate Sylvia Cho for receiving the SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship! We've asked Sylvia some questions about her application.

What topic does your SSHRC application explore?

My SSHRC application concerns the multimodal perception of clearly produced English fricatives. Fricatives are particularly interesting given that the auditorily salient sounds (e.g., /s/) are less visible (i.e., articulated further back in the vocal tract) while the less noisy fricatives (e.g., /f/) are visually more salient. While clear speech has been found to aid fricative perception in the auditory domain, far less is known about the influence of hyperarticulated speech in the visual-inclusive speech domains (i.e., visual-only, audiovisual). The research proposed in my SSHRC application attempts to fill such gaps in the literature.

Would you like to acknowledge any faculty members who have assisted you with your application?

Many people helped me with the application, but I must begin by expressing my gratitude to Yue for her supervision and guidance. I also thank Allard for inspiring me with fricative research, Murray for his valuable comments, as well as Nancy, Chung-hye, and Judi for all of their undivided support with the application process.


Congratulations Sylvia. We're all excited to see where your research leads!