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Undergraduate Programs in Linguistics

What’s linguistics? In a nutshell, linguistics is about how we acquire languages, how we use them, and how we explain the way they are. It’s endlessly fascinating stuff.

SFU has a big diverse Linguistics Department. Many courses are taught by internationally recognized scholars. Every instructor is committed to top quality teaching.

You learn many valuable skills by studying linguistics. It’s a marketable degree if you’re imaginative and aggressive. Among the portable skills you can acquire through a study of linguistics are

  • how to construct logical arguments
  • how to achieve solutions to complex problems using clear, concise, coherent reasoning
  • inferencing strategies
  • how to improve your focus (linguistics requires a lot of attention to detail!)
  • co-operative, collegial behaviour: you have to work with your colleagues in some linguistics classes. You will have to do that big time when you leave the university, so get comfortable with it NOW.

If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to email me, Dr. John Alderete, the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Chair for Linguistics, at alderete@sfu.ca. We can set up an appointment to meet, if you wish.

Looking for courses? Current students can find course offerings on go.sfu.ca and in the current Calendar.

Looking for course outlines? Check out the Course Outlines database.

Looking for advising? Newly admitted students contact Academic Advising.

Looking to declare or already in a Linguistics program? See our Linguistics Undergraduate Advisor.

NEW - Changes effective Spring 2017

In addition to the current prerequisites, the following courses will also require any lower division writing course:

LING 301W | LING 309W | LING 321 | LING 322 | LING 324 | LING 330 | LING 360 | LING 362

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