Research Participation System

The Research Participation System (RPS) at the Department of Linguistics at SFU provides students with the opportunity to experience what research in linguistics is like by participating as subjects in projects conducted or supervised by various faculty. At the same time, students can earn credit towards participating linguistics courses. Please note:

  • Students are allowed to  participate in more than one project.
  • Each set of points can be applied to ONE course only (no duplication of points)
  • All points will be used during the current semester (no banking of points)
  • If the project runs in the period between semesters, the points can be used in courses of the next semester.
  • Different instructors may have different ways of including RPS points in their overall grade assessment. Please see their course syllabus for the grading policy

Participating Courses in Summer 2018 

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Research Area Title  Ethics Number Language Requirements Contact Place More Information
Sociolinguistics An all-inclusive speech community: Language variation and change in Vancouver English 2015s0264

-South-Asian-Canadian, born to South Asian parents, raised in the Metropolitan Vancouver area from birth or age under 5; MALES

- Age 18-21

Irina Presnyakova

604 368 1583

One of SFU campuses


2 credits (1 hour)

Psycholinguistics The influence of structural probability on prosodic structure building 2017s0487

- At least 19 years old

-Normal hearning

-Native mono-lingual speaker of Canadian English


Claire Moore-Cantwell

RCB 7301

(Phonological Processing Lab)


2 course credits (1 hour)
Phonology Producing and perceiving English as a childhood second language 2017s0331

- At least 19 years old

- Normal hearing

Danica Reid or Claire Moore-Cantwell

RCB 7301(Phonological processing lab) 1 credit (30 minutes)
Perception, processing, multi-modal speech FaceScan: Visual Processing of Speech Cues 2017s0350

19-50 years old; normal hearing; normal/corrected-to-normal vision; native speakers of either English or Mandarin;

no significant learning or language-related impairments

Elise McClay (or Erin Jastrzebski)


RCB 7301

(Phonetics Lab) 


2 credits

(1 hour)

First-language bias, phonology/phonetics EngManITL: Language experience and rhythmic perception of non-speech sounds 2017s0190

19-30 years old; non-impaired hearing; Native English speakers or native Mandarin speakers

No/little experience in German, Danish, or non-Mandarin tone languages (like Cantonese & Punjabi)

Elise McClay (or Sarah Mulhall)


RCB 7410

(LangDev Lab)


1 credit (30 minutes)

 Phonology/phonetics MusicLang: Foreign language learning & the perception of musical rhythm & melody 2016s0373 19-30 years old, non-impaired hearing; native English speakers with little/no experience in German, Danish, Mandarin, Cantonese, or Punjabi

Kim Mann or Elise McClay


RCB 7410

(LangDev Lab)

2 credits (1 hour) or $10



Acoustic Cues used by Learners of English 2017s0023

-Between the ages of 19 to 45; normal hearing; normal or corrected-to-normal vision;

-Native Punjabi, native French, and native Spanish speakers who learned English as an additional language

Danica Reid;


RCB 7204


2 credits

(± 1 hour)

Phonology Phonological Representations – Word Identification 2013s0763 -Monolingual native English speakers between the ages of 19 and 35 with normal hearing

Danica Reid;


RCB 7204 1 credit (30 minutes)
Phonetics Wavslang Study - Audiovisual speech perception of simultaneiy 2018s0182

-Native English speakers, native Estonian speakers


Sylvia Cho; 



RCB 6203

(Language and Brain Lab)


2 credit (1 hour)

Instructions to Students

If you would like to participate in a study, please send an email to the contact person of the study to make an appointment.

Instructions to Researchers

If you or your students would like to recruit research participants through the Research Participation System (RPS), please see detailed instructions at the faculty portal page.

Instructions to Instructors

If you would like to offer course credit for research participation, please visit the faculty portal page for detailed information.