Yvonne Becker Annual Event

The Yvonne Becker Annual Event commemorates Yvonne Joan Kathleen Becker and highlights her invaluable contribution to the department. It is the marquee event of the year at SFU Linguistics. The department gathers together each Summer term for the eponymous colloquium delivered by a visiting speaker, and to present the winner of the essay prize as part of the same event.

About Yvonne Becker

We acknowledge Yvonne Becker as our most significant benefactor and offer gratitude for her incredible generosity. Yvonne was an alumna of the department. She spent countless hours studying and enjoying the Burnaby campus. Typically clad in plaid (hence the plaid graphics that accompany the event), Yvonne is remembered by faculty and staff for her sharp wit, straightforward nature, and strength of character.

Yvonne graduated in the spring of 1994 with a Bachelor of Arts. Her major was Linguistics with a minor in Philosophy.

On behalf of the department, we applaud Yvonne Becker’s great passion for linguistics, give thanks for her substantial contribution, and honour her memory.