Congratulations Graduate Students!

May 02, 2016

Melissa MacAskill, MA, Kayleigh MacMillan, MA, Reem Alsadoon, PhD, Rima Ibata, PhD

On November 17, 2015, Melissa MacAskill successfully defended her MA thesis, Experimental Exploration of Ambisyllabicity in English.

On December 7, 2015, Reem Alsadoon successfully defended her PhD dissertation, Vowel blindness: Computer-mediated help options for Arabic EFL learners.

On December 16, 2015, Kayleigh MacMillan successfully defended her MA thesis, Phonological acquisition by children with autism: a case study.

On March 22, 2016, Rima Ibata successfully defended her PhD dissertation, English Language Learning in Japan: Representations of the English Language and the Worlds of English Language Users.