Dr. Pappas, Irina Presnyakova at NWAV 47

November 01, 2018

Dr. Panos Pappas and Irina Presnyakova delivered two papers at New Ways of Analyzing Variation 47 at NYU this October.

  • Allophones of /æ/ in four ethnic groups of Vancouver, BC (Presnyakova Irina, Pocholo Umbal, and Panayiotis Pappas)
  • Coronal palatalization in the Greek of Greek-Canadians (Pappas Panayiotis, Dimitris Papazachariou, Irina Presnyakova, and Symeon Tsolakidis)  

There was also one publcation by PhD students Irina Presnyakova (SFU), Pocholo Umbal (UofT), and Dr. Panos Pappas.