History of Mathematics

Our Research

The History of Mathematics Research Group studies the origins and development of mathematical ideas and methods from the beginnings of recorded history—in all societies and cultures. Research in this area involves:

  • The editing and translating, and commentary on important mathematical texts
  • The historical development of areas of mathematics, such as calculus, abstract algebra, and topology
  • A study of how the development of mathematics has affected, and been affected by academic, religious, or scientific institutions or other humanistic or scientific aspects of culture

The Department of Mathematics offers both an MSc and PhD in History of Mathematics. We have two professors specializing in the History of Mathematics: Dr. Tom Archibald who specializes in mathematics since the 17th century, and Dr. Len Berggren, who focuses on ancient and medieval mathematics. Students who are interested in pursuing studies in the history of mathematics are encouraged to contact either professor via email.



Tom Archibald

History of Mathematics

Len Berggren

History of Mathematics
(Emeritus Professor)

Graduate Students

  • Brenda Davison (Math PhD)
  • Zoe Edelson (Philosophy)
  • Al McKown (Archeology)
  • Alicia Zelenitsky Hill (Math MSc)

If you are a current SFU Mathematics Postdoctoral Fellow or Graduate Student in the History of Mathematics Research Group,
and would like your name added to one of the above lists, please send an email to Casey Bell.