Operations Research Group

Our Research

SFU has an active group in Operations Research. Our research interests include continuous and discrete optimization, algorithms, approximation, convex and conic programming, finance and statistics. We have close ties to the Discrete Math Group, the Industrial Math Group and the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science. In addition, we are a part of the interdisciplinary Centre for Operations Research and Decision Sciences (CORDS) which connects us to Business AdministrationEngineeringResource and Environmental Management & Computing Science.

SFU Operations Research Seminar



Adjunct Faculty

Postdoctoral Fellows and Visitors

MSc Students

  • Michael Friesen
  • Aniket Mane
  • Michelle Spencer
  • Shanwen Yan

PhD Students

  • Xiaorui Li (PhD)
  • Pooja Pandey (PhD)
  • Brad Woods (PhD)