SFU Summer Math Camp for Students


Each year, during late June or early July, we host a regional SFU-CMS-PIMS Math Camps for grade 9 and 10 students (and some keen grade 8 students who are familiar with grade 9 math). These camps, which are organized annually at several universities across Canada, are designed to provide students who have demonstrated a talent for mathematics, with a variety of enrichment activities in a fun and rewarding environment. Our camp is sponsored by grants from the Canadian Mathematical Society (CMS) and from the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS).

Presentations offer insights into higher level mathematics while engaging the participants. Most of the presentations have a hands-on component to offer experiences with mathematics drawn from a variety of backgrounds. Students will have fun trying out their problem solving and critical thinking skills, gain a better understanding of mathematical structures, and be intrigued by the beauty that mathematics offers. Presenters and support staff are drawn from faculty, visiting faculty, postdoctoral students, graduate students and undergraduate students of the Department of Mathematics and affiliated organizations.

Note that both math camps are day camps. Students are responsible for their transportation to and from the camp each day.

Support from SFU, the Canadian Mathematical Society, and the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences enables us to cover the majority of the food, events, and other costs. However, there is a registration fee for both camps.  New registration fees will be posted in 2022.


Participation in the SFU Math Camps is by invitation only.

High school teachers with promising students who are eager to participate should fill out a Nomination Form as soon as possible.  Camp participants will then be selected from the nominations received and the successful applicants will be informed through their teacher.

Click on either the Burnaby or Surrey Camp Details below, to nominate a student.

Nominations are to be submitted by Educators ONLY!  If you are a parent with a son or daughter that you would like nominated - please speak with their Math Teacher and direct them to our site.

Burnaby Camp

Contact: Dr Jamie Mulholland
Email: j_mulholland@sfu.ca

Surrey Camp

Contact: Dr Natalia Kouzniak
Email: kouzniak@sfu.ca

Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge

Students who like more challenge and are interested in participating in CMS National Camp and Mathematical Olympiad can participate in the Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge

Mathematical Olympiad Correspondence Program

Students who are interested in problem solving or competing in mathematics competitions can search out the International Mathematical Talent Search and the Mathematical Olympiads Correspondence Program (Olymon) here