Engage your curiosity with world-class instructors in an active research environment

SFU’s Department of Mathematics has a reputation as one of the most progressive, broad-based mathematical science departments in Canada. You’ll learn from celebrated instructors in an active research environment.

Join the Math Department

Award-winning Instructors

The faculty and instructors in SFU’s Department of Mathematics are not only passionate researchers—they regularly win awards for their creative and inspiring teaching. Whether in the classroom or in a research setting, they are approachable and here to help you succeed.


Math gives you a powerful set of tools to understand, describe and change the world around you—including logical reasoning, abstract thinking, mathematical modeling, and computational analysis. You’ll be equipped to make an impact in tech, medicine, communication, economics, engineering, law, and beyond.

“I entered the workforce pretty much immediately after I graduated. I began working in web analytics with no real idea what it was, but the company gave me an opportunity to grow based on my mathematics background.”

- Michelle Leung, BSc (’13), Web Analytics Practice Lead

Research Opportunities

This is an active research community and you can be a part of it during your undergraduate degree. Work closely with faculty while building relevant skills and your academic CV. SFU mathematics students regularly receive funding and awards to pursue research.

“I really enjoyed the research element of my undergraduate. I did an NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award and spent entire summers working on research problems. I entered my Master’s program pretty well prepared because I had more than usual research experience in my undergraduate.”

- Charlotte Trainor, BSc (’17), MSc Student at University of British Columbia