June 3-7, 2019 at
SFU Harbour Centre, Vancouver

Invited Speakers

Antonia Bluher National Security Agency, USA A structure theorem for finite fields
Pascale Charpin INRIA, France Crooked and weakly crooked functions
Gretchen Matthews    Virginia Polytechnic & State University (Virginia Tech), USA AG codes and cryptography
Kai-Uwe Schmidt Paderborn University, Germany Highly nonlinear functions
Igor Shparlinski University of New South Wales, Australia Exponential sums with sparse polynomials


Scientific Scope

Topics of interest include

  • Theory: structure of finite fields, primitive elements, normal bases, polynomials, number-theoretic aspects of finite fields, character sums, function fields, APN functions.
  • Computation: algorithms and complexity, polynomial factorization, decomposition and irreducibility testing, sequences and functions.
  • Applications: algebraic coding theory, cryptography, algebraic geometry over finite fields, finite incidence geometry, designs, combinatorics, quantum information science.


Sea-to-Sky Gondola Excursion


June 5, 2019 

Scenic 1 hour drive followed by a 10-minute gondola ride 885m above sea level will take us to the mountain summit, with sweeping views of Howe Sound, the coastal forest, and surrounding mountains. Dinner will be provided (view menu).

All participants will be required to sign a waiver form prior to the start of the excursion. Printed copies of the waiver will be provided to all participants at the conference for signing, but you can inspect the form in advance here. A different waiver form will apply to children.

For more information about this attraction, visit the Sea-to-Sky Gondola website.

Organizing Committee

Jonathan Jedwab
Petr Lisonek

Scientific Committee

Jim Davis (University of Richmond) - Chair
Tao Feng (Zhejiang University)
Sophie Huczynska (University of St Andrews)
Gohar Kyureghyan (University of Rostock)
Gary Mullen (Pennsylvania State University)