Ailene MacPherson and Nadish de Silva Awarded Canada Research Chairs

November 18, 2022

Assistant Professors Ailene MacPherson and Nadish de Silva have been awarded Tier 2 Canada Research Chairs (CRC) for a five-year term. Their CRC appointments recognize them as "exceptional emerging researchers [who are] acknowledged by their peers as having the potential to lead in their field" (Canada Research Chairs - Program Details). 

Congratulations to Ailene and Nadish! Here's a brief overview of their research programs (courtesy of SFU News): 

Ailene MacPherson, Tier 2 CRC in Theoretical Evolutionary Epidemiology

Mathematics professor Ailene MacPherson’s research addresses fundamental questions at the intersection of evolution, ecology and epidemiology, developing mathematical and statistical models to understand the spread of infectious diseases and how they coevolve with their hosts.

Nadish de Silva, Tier 2 CRC in the Mathematics of Quantum Computation

Mathematics professor Nadish de Silva’s research uses ideas and tools from pure mathematics, physics and computer science to understand how quantum computers can be best harnessed to transform aspects of our lives from national security to climate and financial prediction.

Learn more about SFU's newly-awarded and renewed CRCs here.