Veselin Jungic

Teaching Professor
Department of Mathematics
Faculty of Science


  • Ph.D. Mathematics · Simon Fraser University · 1999

Research and Other Interests

I am a 3M National Teaching Fellow and a recipient of several teaching awards, including the Adrien Pouliot Award and the Canadian Mathematical Society Excellence in Teaching Award.

Most of my research is in Ramsey theory and the field of mathematics education and outreach. I have authored and coauthored research papers, essays, and news articles with numerous educational themes, mostly based on my own teaching practices.

I have developed the Math Catcher Outreach Program, which aims to promote mathematics and scholarship in general by encouraging elementary and high school students to recognize how math is used in everyday life and how it forms the basis for many of our daily decisions and life-long choices. The program has a strong First Nation component that includes creating learning resources in various First Nation languages and organizing and hosting educational events for Indigenous students.