Algebraic and Arithmetic Geometry

Our research

Algebraic and arithmetic geometry are both concerned with the study of solution sets of systems of polynomial equations. Algebraic geometry deals primarly with solutions lying in an algebraically closed field, while arithmetic geometry deals with the more subtle study of solutions lying in a number field or its rings of integers. Both these topics are central to mathematics, and have connections to subjects ranging from number theory and cryptography to mirror symmetry. Our individual research interests at SFU cover a broad spectrum, including toric geometry, linear subspaces of varieties, modular curves, and rational points on hyperelliptic curves. 


Nils Bruin 

Hyperelliptic curves, rational points, Chabauty methods, covering techniques, descent, local-to-global obstructions

Imin Chen 

Algebraic number theory, arithmetic geometry, representation theory, modular varieties, automorphic forms, diophantine problems, Galois representations, elliptic curves, Q-curves, function fields

Nathan Ilten

Toric geometry, Fano varieties, mirror symmetry, deformation theory, linear subspaces of varieties, algebraic complexity theory

Postdoctoral Fellows & Visitors

Name Supervisor
Bauch, Jens-Dietrich N. Bruin
Talpo, Mattia N. Ilten

Graduate Students

Ph.D. Students
Kulkarni, Avinash
M.Sc. Students
Lewis, Dan
Turo, Charles
Yadegarzadeh, Sepehr
Zotine, Sasha