Bison Chili

Slow cooked bison and beef with sauteed vegetables in a rich tomato sauce.

Bison (sometimes called buffalo) are the largest land animal in North America, and are a part of the same family as cattle—bovidae. Bison are not just a traditional food source, but they were also a critical resource for survival, used for trade, tools, clothing, and shelter. Learn more about the different types of bison and their spiritual, economic, and cultural importance to many Indigenous peoples across North America. 

Bison meat is similar to beef but has a stronger flavour and a sweet undertone. Traditionally bison is roasted, boiled, smoked or dried. 

Teetl'it Gwich’in Language Lesson

Wood Bison (Buffalo) | Dachan tat gwa’aak’ii

Meet The Chef

Steph Baryluk 

Chef Steph Baryluk (BAR-luck) created the Rooted Catering and Dining Commons menus at SFU. She is Teetl'it Gwich'in from Teetl'it Zheh (Fort McPherson), Treaty 11 Territory located in the Northwest Territories and now resides in Tsawwassen, BC with her husband and two kids. After completing her Red Seal as a Cook she knew she wanted to do more with her Indigenous roots. Chef Steph has hosted cooking classes and speaking engagements in her hometown, at the FAO in Rome, and across the Lower Mainland. She also launched her own company, MRS B’S JERKY, which is a play on traditional caribou dried meat ‘Nilii Gaii’ but made with beef. She's excited to share her Indigenous cuisine and stories with the SFU community.