Ice sheet Decay

The style of decay of past ice sheets

Processes taking place at the glacier bed impact ice sheet properties (e.g., thickness, geometry, debris content), and thus set important preconditions that affect the rate, style and geometry of ice sheet decay. Glacial landform associations also suggest particular styles of decay. A selection of our more recent work in this area has focused on the following topics:

1) The implications of esker styles and patterns for ice sheet decay [Perkins et al., 2013Burke et al., 2012Brennand 2000]

2) The implications of meltwater erosional corridors for ice sheet decay [Burke et al, 2012Burke et al., 2011]

3) Identification and classification of Cordilleran Ice Sheet moraines and implications for ice sheet decay (in progress)

4) The paleoenvironmental and glacio-isostatic record contained in the landforms and sediments associated with Cordilleran ice-dammed lakes [Perkins et al. 2013Peters 2012Lesemann 2012Lesemann and Brennand 2007Johnsen and Brennand 2006Johnsen and Brennand 2004; Johnsen 2004]

5) The paleohydrology and paleohydraulics associated with the drainage of paleo-glacial lakes in southern BC (in progress)

6) A new conceptual model for CIS decay following subglacial lake drainage [Lesemann and Brennand 2009; Lesemann and Brennand 2003]