The Multidimensional Social Competence Scale (MSCS)

The Multidimensional Social Competence Scale (MSCS) is a questionnaire that assesses social competence. Questions on the MSCS address social functioning in the individual's everyday life, such as questions inquiring about the person's difficulties making and maintaining friends and their ability to converse with others, such as peers, teachers, and family. There are three respondent versions of the MSCS: Parent-Report for children, Adult Self-Report, and Teacher-Report. 

Currently, both the Parent-Report and Adult Self-Report versions of the MSCS are validated. We are in the process of developing clinical norms for the Parent-Report and Adult-Self Report. The Teacher-Report version has not been validated at this time. 

MSCS Parent-Report Validation:

Yager, J., & Iarocci, G. (2013). The development of the Multidimensional Social Competence Scale: A standardized measure of social competence in Autism Spectrum Disorders.  Autism Research, 6(6), 631-641.

MSCS Adult Self-Report Validation:

Trevisan D. A, Tafreshi D, Slaney K. L, Yager J, Iarocci G (2018). A psychometric evaluation of the Multidimensional Social Competence Scale (MSCS) for young adults. PLoS ONE 13(11): e0206800.

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