Welcome to the Xwe’etay/ Lasqueti Project website

The over-arching goal of our project is to find ways to more fully honour, respect, and protect Indigenous heritage.  

We focus our project on Xwe'etay / Lasqueti Island, in the Salish Sea of British Columbia, as it is a microcosm for larger heritage issues in British Columbia and beyond.  

Our team is a collective of people from Indigenous and settler communities who have heritage connections to Xwe’etay/Lasqueti and who are committed to co-creating a better model for heritage recognition and protection.  

By participating in workshops, informal discussions, and “doing archaeology” we seek to co-create a model for community-based archaeology that can be used on Lasqueti and in other rural communities.

Protecting and Honouring Archaeological Heritage in the Salish Sea Through Community-Engaged Research

The Xwe'etay/ Lasqueti Archaeology Project is supported in part by funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council