Tla'amin Nation Field Trip Oct 2022

Makaela Gallagher and Faren Wolfe sort through belongings from Xwe'etay. Photo: Steve Gallagher

Dana Lepofsky describing house platforms discovered at Xwe'etay during her talk. Photo: Steve Gallagher

The XLAP team visited the Tla'amin Nation in October of 2022 to participate in ongoing community engagement activities. Spending time with our First Nation partners is vital to ensuring the work we do aligns with the needs, rights, and expectations of descendant communities. During this field trip, members of the XLAP team gave a community talk at the gymnasium, which included showing archaeological belongings from Xwe'etay and a delicious meal provided graciously by our hosts. The November issue of the Nehmotl Newsletter includes a piece about this talk on page 6.

Tla'amin community members explore various archaeological belongings from Xwe'etay.
Photo: Steve Gallagher

Dana Lepofsky and Sean Markey give a talk about the ongoing XLAP team work, with the XLAP logo coincidently (and perfectly) projected onto Sean's sweater.
Photo: Steve Gallagher.