Kaya Fraser

As a young person nourished by the land and water of the island, I am honored to be working on a project that explores the deep precolonial history of Lasqueti/Xwe’etay. Although I already felt a strong connection through family roots, participating in this research has added a depth of appreciation to the land that I didn’t know was possible.

Over the past five years I’ve studied Environmental Technology at Camosun College which began my journey in mapping, followed by Biology at the University of Victoria which deepened my love of ecology and botany. My passion is exploring the intricacies of ecosystems and communicating patterns through visuals. I’ve been working as a GIS technician for the past 3 years, and am so excited to apply those skills to assist reconciliation and indigenous sovereignty movements. I look forward to continuing this research and seeing strengthened relationships between all of the Indigenous and settler community members who call this place home.