• Data handling for energy system optimisation models is a necessary but tedious task. Depending on the workflow, user skill level, and model implementation, the data interfacing requirements can be significantly different. OSeMOSYS Tools for Energy Work, or otoole is a Python package providing OSeMOSYS energy modellers with a suite of methods to interface with input data, visualize and validate input data, and process result data. otoole exposes three different input data formats and structures to the user, can process results from three popular solvers, and is structured to easily build in new data structures. otoole has been constructed with a modularity and extensibility in mind so that it can play a key role in enabling interoperability between OSeMOSYS models developed in different programming languages.



Researchers: William UsherTrevor Barnes

Funders: None

Date: Ongoing

Repository: https://github.com/OSeMOSYS/otoole