Decarbonization of BC’s Energy System

Researchers: Pierre, Elias

Funders: PICS with ‘solution seekers’ RH2C, Aeolis Wind and research partners BC Hydro

Date: Started March 2022

Sub-Projects: PyPSA BC, and BC Nexus Model

Land use implication of developing renewable energy resources: A case study of Atlantic Canada

Researchers: Narges

Funder: Net Zero Atlantic, Mitacs

Date: Started Sep 2022

Developing CLEWs Modelling Methods to support the SDGs

Researchers: Yalda

Funder: Catalyste+ and Mitacs.

Date: Started July 2022

Sub-Projects: Detailed Land and Water Representation for CLEWs Modelling (Yalda)

Enabling Vehicle Fleet Electrification in British Columbia: Understanding the trends, barriers and opportunities

Researchers: Teddy (Fleet LCA, Survey), Kamaria (Modelling/operational impacts)


Date: Started Jan 2021

Sub-Projects: BC Fleet Decarbonization (Teddy & Kamaria)


Researchers: Trevor

US-Canada Model

Researchers: Sina, and Trevor