Graduate Studies Guide

On behalf of the Graduate Program Committee (GPC), welcome to the sociology and anthropology graduate program! We look forward to working with you to make your experience as a graduate student inspiring, provocative, productive, and successful.

If you have any questions throughout the duration of your program, feel free to contact the Graduate Program Chair or any member of the Graduate Program Committee (GPC).

You can also contact the Program Assistant for administrative-related inquiries.

Graduate Program Committee (GPC)

Dr. Lindsey A. Freeman
Graduate Program Chair
Associate Professor, Sociology:

Dr. Stacy Pigg
Professor, Anthropoloy:

Dr. Prof-Collins Ifeonu
Assistant Professor, Sociology:

Graduate Program Assistant:


This guide describes the graduate programs in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology. It is designed to acquaint graduate students with the policies and procedures of the department as well as provide some important governance information and links to the SFU community. It includes guidelines for the pursuit of students’ degrees, and it details the general expectations that students and faculty should have of each other for the timely completion of degrees.

All students are urged to activate their SFU email accounts as soon as possible so that they may receive email messages concerning the department and graduate student issues. The SFU email is the primary email that the department uses for correspondence. We ask that students and faculty use only their SFU email accounts.

General Regulations

The Sociology and Anthropology Department graduate programs are governed by University regulations enacted by the Simon Fraser University Senate and administered by Graduate and Postgraduate Studies (GPS, formerly DGS). The Graduate General Regulations (GGRs) produced by Graduate and Postgraduate Studies lay out all of Simon Fraser University’s policies and regulations for Graduate Programs. The present department Guide is a supplement to, rather than a substitute for, the GGRs, and thus we encourage all students and faculty to consult the GGRs on questions of University regulations.

A link to the SFU Graduate Student Handbook may be found here.