Outstanding Graduating Students Awards

The Department of Sociology and Anthropology has moved to establish an annual program of awards to recognize the achievements of outstanding graduands in Sociology and Anthropology (including Honours students). The department will establish a fund within its budget to underwrite the following awards:

  1. Outstanding Anthropology Graduand (including Anthropology joint and double majors)
  2. Outstanding Sociology Graduand; (including Sociology joint and double majors) and,
  3. Outstanding Sociology/Anthropology Graduand

Each award will be made to the student who has attained the highest CGPA amongst graduands for that academic year in, respectively, Anthropology, Sociology, or Sociology/Anthropology. To be eligible for consideration, graduands must achieve a final CGPA of at least 3.67.


The Usamah Ansari Top Student Award

Usamah Ansari, a graduate of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, passed away April 13th, 2008 in a tragic accident.

Usamah Ansari won the Top Student Award in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology and the Dean's Convocation Medal when he graduated in Summer 2007. 

To honour his memory the Department of Sociology and Anthropology has named its Top Student Award, the Usamah Ansari Top Student Award.


The Outstanding Graduating Student Awards and The Usamah Ansari Top Student Award

2016 Award Winners

2017 Award Winners

2018 Award Winners

The Dossa Family Endowment Fund

supporting the Dossa Family Undergraduate Scholarship

The Dossa Family Endowment Fund was established in 2011 through a generous donation from Aziz and Dr. Parin Dossa and matching funds from the 2011 Campus Campaign. The endowment fund supports the Dossa Family Undergraduate Scholarship.  Aziz Dossa is the President of Styver's Bake Studio LLP and Parin Dossa is a Professor of Anthropology at Simon Fraser University. The Dossa Family Undergraduate Scholarship, valued at a portion of the interest earned on the endowment fund, will be awarded in any term to a 3rd or 4th year full-time undergraduate student in excellent academic standing, majoring in Sociology and/or Anthropology.


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