Forms for Current Students

Appeals, Leaves, and Withdrawal

Leave of Absence Request Form
Please note, you cannot apply for a personal leave if you are on an extension semester.
Health Care Provider Form (for medical leave requests; must be filled out by health care provider and submitted to the Graduate Program Assistant with the Leave of Absence Request Form above two weeks prior to the start of the term that you wish to go on leave from).

Request for Withdrawal from Graduate Studies
Request for a Withdrawal Under Extenuating Circumstances

Refund Appeal Application

See the Graduate General Regulations section 1.8 on Progress, Withdrawal and Leave for further details.

Extensions, Reactivation and Readmission

Application for Extension Procedures

This form is used if you are in your last term of your program and you are not defending in your last term, or if you are actively on an extension term.  

Applications for Extensions to time limits for program completion will be considered for research requirements that may include, but are not limited to, the following:

i) Organizing and conducting fieldwork and ethnographic research.
ii) Negotiating and satisfying terms and conditions for collaborative and partnership research agreements.
iii) Negotiating and satisfying of ethical requirements.
iv) Organizing travel and accommodation.
v) Acquiring necessary visa and immigration approvals.
vi) Other research and dissertation development requirements as determined by students in consultation with supervisory committees.

1. In conjunction with the “Extension Application Form” students must submit a work plan for the extension period requested (from 1-3 terms) to their supervisory committees.

2. Supervisory committees assess and recommend acceptance and length of extension required to GPC in the form of a written statement with the students proposed work plan (and any revisions to that plan), this should be emailed to the graduate program assistant at

3. GPC assesses and grants or rejects the application for extension and will notify the student of their decision in writing. Students may appeal the supervisory recommendation to the GPC.

Please note: While students may request and receive up to a maximum of 6 possible extension terms after they time out of their program, the GPC may reject an application at any time. If a student is planning to apply for a 6th extension term they must submit a draft thesis prior to the end of the 5th term before a 6th term can be approved as the 6th extension term is the LAST POSSIBLE extension available. 

Application for Reactivation

This form is used for those students who have been discontinued from their program and wish to reactivate within the same term that they have been discontinued. If it is not within the same term you must follow the readmission procedure below.

Readmission Procedure

In order to be eligible to apply for readmission students who have been discontinued from their program must apply for readmission prior to the end of the 3rd semester after the normal time completion has been reached (i.e., For PhD’s who timed out at 18 terms they would need to apply for readmission prior to the end of the 21st term in order for their application to be considered).
All students applying for readmission are in competion with new applicants for the next intake term.

Students who wish to be considered for readmission must follow these procedures:

  1. In conjunction with the Application for Readmission students must present a complete draft of thesis and semester work plan to supervisory committees by week 10 of semester PRECEDING semester in which they wish to apply for readmission.
  2. The student's senior supervisor provides the GPC with a written recommendation concerning readmission, criteria being that, having read first draft of thesis and work plan they are reasonably confident that the student will defend in the semester of readmission or within the max possible extension terms.
  3. GPC assesses and approves or rejects application for readmission, GPC forwards decision to DGS. If approved the student MUST defend their thesis by the end of the last approved extension semester or the 6th possible extended semester after regular time.

    Please note: the readmission procedures are under review and are subject to change.

Additional Forms

For additional forms that are not available on this page please visit the following sites:

SFU GPS Forms for Current Students
Scholarship and Awards Forms
Forms for Prospective Students
Graduate Student Business Cards

Graduate Course Enrollment Forms

SA Directed Readings Template Form (Appendix 'M' to be filled out by supervisor and student and submitted by the first day of the second week of classes).

Graduate Course Add/Drop Form (to take a course outside of the department) must be granted permission by instructor, your senior supervisor and your dept graduate program chair.

Western Dean's Agreement Form (to take a course that is not offered at our institution, please note there are strict deadlines to submit this form, see the Current Semester Dates and Deadlines Page on the GPS Website for Details).

SA Dept Forms

For additional Appendix forms and information please refer to the current SA Graduate Studies Guide.



Approval of Supervisory Committee Form (Appendix ‘A’)

MA students: December 1 of the first year

PhD students: March 1 of the first year

Graduate Plan of Study (Appendix ‘B’)

MA students: December 1 of the first year

PhD students: March 1 of the first year

Qualifying Examination Outline (Appendix ‘E-1’)

By the end of the 2nd week of the semester of enrolment in SA897

MA Research Plan (Appendix ‘E-2’)

Within two weeks of successfully presenting the thesis prospectus

MA & PhD Graduate Student Annual Self Review Form

May 1, 2019 - June 15, 2019

Supervisory Report (for the Student Annual Self Review, for Senior Supervisors Only)
Due by June 30, 2019 (senior supervisors only)

Defence Forms & Procedures

SA MA Defence Guidelines - for Students and Senior Supervisors

Approval of Examining Committee Form for a MA student (Appendix 'J') - must be signed and submitted to the graduate program assistant no later than four weeks prior to the proposed examination date.

SA PhD Defence Guidelines - for Students and Senior Supervisors

Approval of Examining Committee Form for a Doctoral Student (Appendix 'K')- must be signed and submitted to the graduate program assistant no later than six weeks prior to the proposed examination date.