If you are transferring from Capilano U, Kwantlen, Langara, Douglas college or other institutions in British Columbia:

1) Please visit our Program page and see which Major or Minor you may like to pursue. On the right hand side of each program pages, you can find our program checklists.

2) Please visit BC Transfer Guide and see how your courses can be tranferred to SFU. At SFU, we use "unit" but not "credit" (unit=credit in most of cases).

3) Transfer tips

  • Take more "Required" SA lower division (100 or 200 level) courses for the program you may want to pursue.
  • If your courses transfer as SA 1XX, 2XX, 1ANTH, 2ANTH, 1SOCI or 2SOCI, they cannot be used to meet Lower Division requirements but they can be used as "electives". Normally, it is because either we do not offer thoses courses at SFU or they do not exactly match our courses.
  • You can also take some courses at your institution and transfer to SFU to meet "WQB" requirements.
  • Feel free to e-mail your questions to saadvise@sfu.ca. If you can attach a copy of your official transcript, it would be helpful to provide more info to you.

If you are transferring from other Canadian instutitons outisde of British Columbia:

1) Admissions office will transfer your courses automatically when you are admitted to SFU.

2) If you are interested in any of our programs, please e-mail saadvise@sfu.ca to schedule an appointment as early as possible.