What can you do with an SA degree?

Wondering what people learn about in sociology or anthropology? Curious about what you can do with an SA degree, or what current and former students are doing in class, at work and in the world? Start here!

What do Sociology and Anthropology Majors Learn About?

SA students learn how to do things like:

  • Identify connections between a society's culture and its economy, politics and geography
  • Explain important differences in the life experiences of people across a society, and the various perspectives that different people can bring to a situation
  • Explain individual and societal facets of social issues like drug use, unemployment, and racism
  • Discuss how individual lives are influenced by things like government actions, the design of educational systems, or different types of housing availability
  • Identify how existing and potential social policy can impact people and societies
  • Identify ways that inequality – within countries and across the globe – is maintained, increased or reduced
  • Discuss basic ways of thinking about social life
  • Discuss and conduct research using qualitative and quantitative research methods
  • Analyze how societies and cultures work with the kind of depth and skill that comes from rigorous training

In Anthropology, you’ll specialize in gaining in-depth understanding of cultures and groups near and far, and learn to identify the obvious and the subtle forces of power within them.

In Sociology, you’ll look behind the surface of groups and societies to understand how they work, and learn about how individuals’ experiences and choices are related to the societies they live in. 

What Sorts of Skills do Students Develop while Earning an SA Degree?

SFU Career Services has put together a page for each major. These have information about:

  • Skills our students learn that can be used in many types of jobs
  • Examples of some jobs and types of employers that use these skills, and
  • General resources for finding jobs.

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