Bascom Guffin

Sessional Instructor, Anthropology
Sociology & Anthropology


Bascom Guffin earned his PhD in sociocultural anthropology at the University of California, Davis. He also holds an MFA in film from Columbia University and an MA in international affairs from New School University. He has conducted field research in New York City, Johannesburg, Mumbai, and most recently in Hyderabad, India. His work in Hyderabad examines the lives of affluent tech industry professionals in the city's rapidly urbanizing Cyberabad area and how they both adapt to and help shape the new cityscape arising there. It focuses in particular on these professionals' cultures of mobility as expressed through career ambitions, migration, urban transportation, bodies in motion, rhythms of life, and relations to authorities' efforts to regulate traffic. Bascom’s other research interests include the human senses, urban religious practices, and the role of technology in everyday life.

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