I have already applied


1. How can I submit documents?

Visit our documents website for details as to how to submit all required documents.

2. Have you received my documents?

When we are in a busy processing period, it may take 4-6 weeks for your Student Center to be updated with your documents.

Documents that have been received and/or processed will have been checked off on your Student Center To-Do List on goSFU

After you've applied — and goSFU (applicant.sfu.ca)

1. I am having trouble accessing my account on goSFU (applicant.sfu.ca)

If you have forgotten your applicant.sfu.ca password, please email or visit our Get Help site for assistance. Our Registrar and Information Services office will be happy to assist you:
reginfo@sfu.ca | Get Help

2. When can I receive an update on my application status?

Once you have submitted all of your required documents, it can take some time for our Admissions team to thoroughly evaluate your application. Application status updates will appear on your Student Center (goSFU):

  • Spring term (January): Admission offers are made from September to November.
  • Summer term (May): Admission offers are made from January to April.
  • Fall term (September): Admission offers are made from January to June.

3. BC High School Applicants — how do I self-report my grades?    

Log into your account on goSFU and select the "Self-Reported Grades" link at the  bottom of the screen. 

For detailed information on how/what to self-report for admission please visit After You've Applied.

4. How can I review my transfer credits?

Transfer credits will be processed at the point of admission. See details. If you require further review, please email us using the form below or contact us via the Get Help website.

Still have questions? 

If you are a prospective undergraduate student who has detailed questions on the application process and other specific admission questions that are unique to their situation it is best to connect with us through the Future Students Community using our Ask a Question form.