• When seeing a doctor, you must show proof of medical insurance coverage.  If you hold a BC CareCard / BC Services Card, you will not need to pay for most medical services.  If you hold temporary basic medical insurance through a private company, in most cases you'll pay for services up-front and submit a claim to the insurance company to be reimbursed.
  • If you need a specialist, your doctor may give you a referral (ie. he/she will make an appointment for you to see a specialist). It is usually not possible to see a specialist without a referral.
  • Feel free to ask the doctor questions, even if he/she is in a hurry. If you have more than one concern, be sure to address them all.
  • It is common to seek a second opinion and your doctor should not be offended.
  • No one can see your medical records without your permission.
  • Visit SFU Health and Counselling Services for more information on accessing services on campus.