The following are answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the SFU online Professional Program in Heritage Resource Management. Please direct further questions to Program Director Adam N. Rorabaugh (


Once new graduate students pay the Admission Deposit ($1000 for the HRM MA, and $250 for the Graduate Certificate), and 10 weeks before your first term, you will receive an email informing that your SFU Computing account is available. This account is your login to SFU IT services, including goSFU, email, the library, etc.

Please send your SFU email address to your Archaeology Graduate Assistant <>. This address will be used for all future communication from SFU. It enables access to all academic program information, course enrollment and grades, account information, tax receipts and student services.


Simon Fraser University is on a trimester system. Students must enroll three terms per year, beginning immediately after admission and until all requirements for the degree have been fulfilled. This includes students who enroll On Leave. A student who does not enroll is considered to have withdrawn from the University (Graduate Regulation 1.4, Simon Fraser University Calendar).

Registration information will be sent out approximately 2 months before the term begins by the Archaeology Graduate Assistant <>.

Please Note: Your student financial account MUST be in GOOD standing ($0 balance). All prior tuition and fee assessments must be paid prior to enrolling.


Tuition payments are due on the second Friday of each term. After this date, students are assessed monthly late fees.


To learn more about funding opportunities available to HRM students, visit Funding & Finances

New Archaeology students can login at and apply for Archaeology Donor Awards, or Graduate Studies (DGS) awards that are open to students enrolled in professional programs. Students are advised to work with employers to identify opportunities to fund tuition and thesis expenses. 

Archaeology posts teaching employment opportunities 10 weeks in advance of the next semester. Graduate Students interested in teaching are advised to apply for TAships and other positions in any field in which they have experience. You must have a Canadian SIN and bank account to apply for most SFU employment opportunities.


Please see the UPass website. The HRM Program is designated an off-campus program, so if you do not live within Metro Vancouver, you will not be assessed the UPass fee. If you DO live within Metro Vancouver, you will be assessed the UPass fee.


As an SFU graduate student you are a member of the Graduate Student Society (GSS). GSS provides students with Health and Dental insurance coverage. The total cost for one year of both Dental and Medical will automatically be added to your student fee assessment and must be paid at the same time as your tuition. If you opt out becaue you are not living in BC or you have coverage through work or a spouse, the charge will be reversed.

If you start school in September, the Fall Change-of-Coverage Period is during the first two weeks of September. You must apply for the exemption every September.