Research Day 2022

April 08, 2022

The BPK Research Day Organizing Committee is pleased invite you to the 12th Annual BPK Research Day. The event will be held as a hybrid event on Friday, April 8th, 2022.

Brought to you by the 2022 Research Day Planning Committee:

Members: Allison Campbell, Pavreet Gill, Farhaan Khan, Marina Khonina, Rebekah Lee, Raffaele Massarotto, Jaylene Pratt, Stephanie Rayner, Stephen Robinovitch, Rose Sheikh-Bahaie, Kyle Simpson, Tiffany Stead, Ekaterina Stogova, Catherine Taylor, Ravichandra Venkateshappa, Ryan Wu, Peter Young, Erin Williams.


Research Day is an opportunity to showcase the excellent research in our Department. All trainees involved in research within BPK, either at the graduate or undergraduate level (honours thesis, directed studies, USRA, co-op, etc.) are encouraged to participate.

We invite submissions reporting on research at various stages of completion, including proposed research, in-progress research, and completed research.

In a hybrid event format, oral presentations, three-minute thesis competition (3MT), and the keynote presentation will be held in-person. The virtual events include the poster competition, the science communication contest, a scavenger hunt, and a social.

Note that you may participate in multiple competitions, under the following conditions:

  • If you are awarded an oral presentation, you may not present the same work as a poster or 3MT. If you would like to present a poster on different work, you may indicate so by submitting an additional abstract or title through a separate survey. If you are not awarded an oral presentation, you will be offered the opportunity to present the original abstract as a poster.
  • To be considered for a 3MT presentation, trainees must submit a title through the survey (no abstract required). In order to also be considered for the poster competition, your 3MT title must differ from your abstract title.

Science communication (SciComm) contest

Enter BPK Research Day’s The Science Communication Contest! Share your research/ experience in research with a lay audience in one of 4 non-traditional formats. This event provides trainees with the opportunity to discuss their research whilst demonstrating their skills in SciComm with the broader community.

The 4 submission formats are as follows:

UpGoer Five: Inspired by a brilliant comic describing the blueprints of the Saturn V moon rocket in lay language, the UpGoer Five eliminates science jargon and asks you to describe your research using only the 1000 most commonly used words in the English language.

Visual abstract: this is a visual summary of the information typically used in an abstract. It is meant to convey the key findings of a research project in a shorter, more creative way.

Science Snapshot: This contest allows young and seasoned researchers to present their research in a creative way and have a little fun. All you need to do is submit an image and caption (as short as possible) that best illustrates your research.

LOL My Thesis: A new addition this year, Lol My Thesis takes years of hard work and condenses your research into a single sentence. Taking inspiration from a Twitter account of the same name, entrants should boil their research down to its simplest possible concept. Make it short, simple, and (preferably) silly!

Submissions will be displayed at Research Day and prizes will be awarded to the submissions with the most votes! You do not have to submit an oral or poster presentation for Research Day to enter the SciComm contest. Group submissions are welcome and highly encouraged!

Please click here to register and receive submission details! Deadline to submit is April 1st at 5:00pm.

For more information, contact event coordinators Stephanie ( and Jaylene ( for details.