Biomedical Physiology

major or honours in Biomedical Physiology provides students with an extensive understanding of the structure, function, and regulation of the body from the molecular to the behavioural level and how these processes change with alterations in an individual’s health or in response to adaptation to physiological challenges, e.g. exercise, environmental challenges, diseases, aging. Our Biomedical Physiology program is recognized as a member of the Association of Chairs of Department of Physiology (ACDP). 

Course work will emphasize experiential learning in physiology and anatomy, electrophysiology, biochemistry, molecular biology, neurophysiology of disease, molecular and cellular cardiology, and human energy metabolism.

major or honours undergraduate degree in Biomedical Physiology provides first-class preparatory training for advanced graduate degrees in physiological sciences; professional schools - medical, dental, veterinary medicine, and others; and for research and laboratory work with health authorities or the rapidly growing biotechnology industry.