Teaching Assistant/Marker Positions

Summer 2023 (1234) Semester

 Online Application Form for Teaching Assistantships

Application Period: February 27 - March 13th 2023 at 4PM.

Appointment Period: May 1 - August 25, 2023

Contact Van Truong,, if you have any questions.

Course Course Name Instructor Needed
BPK 105OL Anatomy & Physiology Hum Surv Sessional TA
BPK 110 Human Nutrition Leanne Ramer TA
BPK 110OL Human Nutrition Leanne Ramer TA
BPK 140 Contemporary Health Anne-Kristina Arnold TA
BPK 140Sry Contemporary Health Mike Walsh TA
BPK 140OL Contemporary Health Nadine Wicks TA
BPK 142 Introduction to BPK Jim Carter TA
BPK 142Sry Introduction to BPK Mike Walsh TA
BPK 304W Inquiry and Measurement Sessional TA + Marker
BPK 310OL Exer/Work Physiology Ryan Dill TA
BPK 325B Basic Human Anatomy Leanne Ramer TA
BPK 326 Functional Anatomy Leanne Ramer TA
BPK 340 Active Health Jim Carter Marker
BPK 375OL Human Growth and Development Carmen Bott TA
BPK 409OL Wearable Tecn and Human Physiology Sabrina Lee TA
BPK 481 Musculoskeletal Disorders Kevin Lunnie TA

All courses will be held on the SFU Burnaby Campus except where indicated otherwise: Sry = Surrey Campus, OL = Online Course, B = Blended Course.

All successful applicants must demonstrate completion of the required safety training prior to the start of the course. Safety training requirements for each course are listed here. Retraining is not required if certification is still valid.

Please find complete qualifications for TA/Marker positions in BPK here.

Please find the TA/Marker appointment priorities in BPK here.

Please find the BPK Courses in Calendar here.

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Equity: Simon Fraser University is committed to the principle of equity in employment.

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