Teaching Assistant/Marker Positions

Spring 2024 (1241) Semester 

Application Period: October 23 - November 6, 2023

Appointment Period: January 2 - April 29 2024

Contact Van Truong,, if you have any questions.

Course Course Name Instructor Position
BPK105OL Anatomy & Physiology Hum Surv Ryan Dill TA
BPK110 Human Nutrition Amandio Vieira TA
BPK110OL Human Nutrition Diana Bedoya TA
BPK140 Contemporary Health Andrew Blaber TA
BPK140OL Contemporary Health Anne-Kristina Arnold TA
BPK 142 Introduction to BPK Ryan Dill TA
BPK 143 Exercise: Health Performance  Kevin Lunnie TA
BPK 201 Biomechanics Sabrina Lee TA
BPK 205/ 208 Human Physiology Nadine Wicks TA
BPK 207 Sensorimotor Cntl and Learning Dylan Cooke TA
BPK 303 Assess. Of Movement & Function David Ng TA
BPK304W Inquiry and Measurement Sabrina Lee TA + Marker
BPK 305 Human Physiology I Damon Poburko/Tom Claydon TA
BPK 306 Human Physiology II Nadine Wicks TA
BPK 307 Human Physiology III Nadine Wicks TA
BPK310 Exer/Work Physiology Ryan Dill Marker
BPK 311 Apl. Human Nutrition Amandio Vieira TA
BPK312 Nutrition/Fitness Matthew White TA
BPK 325B Basic Human Anatomy Sessional TA
BPK326 Functional Anatomy Diana Bedoya TA
BPK340 Active Health Anne-Kristina Arnold Marker
BPK 342OL Active Health Carmen Bott TA
BPK343 Active Health Carmen Bott Marker
BPK 401 Muscle Biomechanics James Wakeling TA
BPK407 Human Physiology Lab Jim Carter TA
BPK 408w Cell Physiology Lab Megan Barker TA + Marker
BPK 417 Obesity and Weight Management Diana Bedoya Marker
BPK 423 Special Topics: Neuroimaging Randy McIntosh TA
BPK 443 Advanced Exercise Programming  Dave Clarke Marker
BPK 444 Cardiac Disease Victoria Claydon TA
BPK 446 Neurological Disorders Charles Krieger Marker
BPK 448 Rehab of Movement Control Andy Hoffer Marker
BPK 481 Musculoskeletal Disorders David Ng TA

All courses will be held on the SFU Burnaby Campus except where indicated otherwise: Sry = Surrey Campus, OL = Online Course, B = Blended Course.

All successful applicants must demonstrate completion of the required safety training prior to the start of the course. Safety training requirements for each course are listed here. Retraining is not required if certification is still valid.

Teaching Assistant/Marker Appointment Priorities

Priority for appointment/reappointment as a Teaching Assistant is in accordance with Article XIII of the Collective Agreement with the Teaching Support Staff Union (TSSU).

Priority for appointment/reappointment as a Tutor-Marker is in accordance with Article XV of the Collective Agreement with the Teaching Support Staff Union (TSSU).

There is substantial pedagogical value of teaching to the TA. Accordingly the department expects that its graduate students, and in particular PhD candidates, will normally TA.

In allocating Teaching Assistant/Tutor-Marker positions, the department will also take into account the following:

  • Instructor requests;
  • Applicant’s preferences;
  • Amount of financial support offered on admission to the graduate program as determined by the DGS admission letter;
  • Suitability for particular courses (e.g. discipline of prior degree(s), publications, experience);
  • Employment evaluations (Student evaluations and Instructor evaluations conducted at the end of every term);
  • Number of base units already received to ensure sufficient teaching-related experience in her/his field of study

If an assignment within a priority group requires a selection between applicants, the graduate student without financial support from merit based scholarships or merit based fellowships during the semester of appointment with a value equal to at least a 5.17 appointment, will have priority for the appointment.

Forms and Required Training




Equity: Simon Fraser University is committed to the principle of equity in employment.

Privacy: The information submitted with your application is collected under the authority of the university Act (R.S.B.C. 1996, c.468, s.27(4)(a)), applicable federal and provincial employment regulations and requirements, the University's non-academic employment policies and applicable collective agreements. The information is related directly to and needed by the University to initiate the employment application process. The information will be used to contact references supplied by you, evaluate your qualifications and complete the employment process by making a hiring decision. If you have any questions about the collection and use of this information please contact the Executive Director, Human Resources, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby BC V5A 1S6. Telephone 778-782-3237.