Current Students


I've just been accepted, now what? - See our New Students page to get started!

What courses do I need to register for? - Every semester you must register for either BPK 898 (MSc Thesis) or BPK 899 (PhD Thesis). See MSc and PhD Program Requirements for other program specific requirements

How do I register for BPK 895, BPK 896, or BPK 897? - These courses which stand in for MSc proposals, PhD comprehensive exams, and PhD seminars, require departmental permisison which can be obtained by filling out the appropriate form and working with the BPK programs assistant for scheduling help. See Forms and Resources.

Where should I go for information on Visas and Study Permits? - See SFU's international student advising center for help with Visa and Permit requirements 

Academic Standing

All graduate students are required to maintain a cumulative gradepoint average (CGPA) of at least 3.0. Failure to meet the minimum CGPA is evidence of unsatisfactory progress and the matter will be considered by the Graduate Program Committee. In the case of a graduate course taken at another university, which the student intends to use as credit towards a graduate degree, an official transcript must be submitted to the Graduate Program Committee upon completion of the course. Course credit will only be given if the student achieves a grade of B or better.

Course Requirements

A minimum of four courses with two specified courses (BPK 801 and STAT 603). The remaining two courses are determined by the student and their Supervisor. Please refer to the Master of Science Program Requirements for more information.

Please refer to the Doctor of Philosophy Program Requirements for more information.  

Funding Information

  • Please consult the Financial Aid page for more information on funding opportunities to support your graduate education.