The mission of the Department of Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology is to advance the understanding of physiology, movement, neuroscience and human health through fundamental and applied research, education, and service. We provide opportunities for outstanding learning, world-class research, and active engagement with the community, in order to improve human health.



Faculty members and students will advance understanding of, and make a positive impact on, a broad range of health challenges.

Our core values and ideologies:

  • Excellence and innovation in teaching and research
  • Leadership within our academic disciplines
  • Active engagement with our community
  • Knowledge translation
  • Ethical and responsible academic and global citizens
  • Inspirational mentorship to all levels of students and trainees

The Department of Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology remains central to the University's mission by providing unparalleled excellence in education and research, by attracting and engaging a high number of student enrolments, and by attracting a relatively high proportion of extramural funding and international recognition for high quality research. Achieving our goals will help ensure SFU achieves its Academic Vision, Outcomes, and VPA Goals and the Objectives, maintaining faculty renewal, achieving enrollment targets, and enhancing community partnerships.



Our goals within this mission are to:

  • provide high quality undergraduate and graduate education
  • increase opportunities for life long learning through both credit and non-credit programs
  • engage our alumni community
  • extend the frontiers of fundamental knowledge
  • generate expertise of practical value
  • make the resulting benefits available to society.



Please click HERE to view the Constitution of the Department.