Research Day 2023

April 06, 2023

The BPK Research Day Organizing Committee is pleased to invite you to the 13th Annual BPK Research Day. The event will be held in-person on Friday, April 6th, 2023 in the Big Data Hub (Burnaby campus). 

All are welcome to attend and celebrate the excellent research in the BPK department!

As BPK Research Day 2023 approaches, we kindly ask you to complete the event registration survey if you plan on attending the event. Whether you are joining us as an attendee or a presenter, please make sure to register for the event, this is a separate survey.

BPK Graduate and Undergraduate Trainees

You are invited to participate in oral presentations, three-minute thesis competition (3MT), poster competition, and the science communication contest. (Submissions closed)

BPK Faculty and Post-docs

You are invited to participate in the Lightning Talk event. (Submissions closed)


The Science Communication contest is still accepting submissions! For any questions or to submit, please email Flora (

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Peter Tierney

We are excited to announce Dr. Peter Tierney as this year’s Keynote Speaker. His talk titled “Academia, Sport, Industry, why choose just one?”, will chronicle Peter’s unique career path and his research in three seemingly separate arenas.

Peter Tierney is a Senior Researcher at lululemon, currently working in the Product Innovation Team. He is also a consultant Sports Scientist & Performance Coach having previously worked at Leinster Rugby (rugby union) and at The English Football Association (soccer), and in Gaelic Football, weightlifting and swimming.

He has enjoyed “hybrid” roles, which have broad responsibilities and blend together research and applied work. This has allowed him the opportunity to not only consider problems through a research lens, but also apply results into practice.

Whilst working in sport, Peter was also keen to continue learning and upskilling, and completed a research MSc, Professional Diploma in Data Analytics and a PhD in sports science.

Some of Peter’s academic work has been published within the areas of GPS technology in team sports, training load management, resisted sled sprinting, hamstring & ankle injuries, and improved understanding and application of sports science data. Other work he has disseminated has been in relation to sleep & recovery, wearable technology, reducing mortality risk, & overall health promotion for both elite athletes and general population.

Outside of work, Peter has enjoyed partaking in a variety of sports including basketball, soccer, rugby, weightlifting and running & cycling. He has also picked up skiing since relocating to Vancouver.

He loves food, so is open to some good restaurant recommendations after this talk!

Event Agenda