Biomedical Physiology & Kinesiology Student Association (BPKSA)

Getting involved at SFU is one of the best decisions you will make during your BPK degree and the BPKSA website is the easiest way to get on that. The BPK Student Association keeps you up to date on whats going on in our department from events, volunteering opportunities and how to make the most (fun!) during your time at SFU. We even provide you with inside information on our own departmental courses answering basic questions like: do you need a textbook, what pre/post requisites do I need?

If you are a first-year BPK student don't miss the opportunity to sign up for our BPK Peer Mentorship Program! Don't fall between the gaps at SFU! BPKSA is your chance to get out there, make a name for yourself, meet awesome people and have a blast!

BPKSA Constitution

Please click here to view the Constitution of the BPKSA.