Bullying & Harassment Central Hub

All SFU students, staff, and faculty have a right to be treated with respect and dignity. If you have experienced, witnessed or are supporting someone who has experienced bullying and harassment, you can connect with our Anti-Bullying Specialist to seek confidential information, support, or guidance.

We recognize that experiencing bullying and harassment brings significant challenges in a person’s social, academic, career, and emotional lives. We acknowledge the courage it takes to speak up and welcome it with respect.

We are here to support university community members impacted by bullying and harassment. This can include:

  • Referrals to on- and off-campus support services and resources as needed
  • Help with academic or other concessions at SFU
  • Information on reporting options available to you and assistance with accessing these options
  • Information about personal privacy and confidentiality
  • Information regarding reporting procedure and helping you to understand the Bullying and Harassment Policy (GP 47) and WorkSafe BC legislation
  • Help exploring educational opportunities

Contact Us

For general information about the Bullying and Harassment Central Hub and to explore support and reporting options please contact


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Support is available in multiple ways through:

  • zoom drop in sessions 
  • in-person and virtual scheduled appointments.  


We recognize that confidentiality is essential in making you feel safe when seeking support and you have the right to ask about the level of privacy you will receive. SFU has both an ethical and a legal obligation to safeguard the privacy of the individuals about whom we collect personal information. SFU's adherence to BC's Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA).

The University is subject to privacy laws, and Complainants and Respondents have rights under those privacy laws. SFU will provide Complainants with information about the outcome of their complaint to the extent that an outcome directly affects them (e.g. where measures are implemented for their safety, such as a no-contact order) and with whatever information Complainants would have the right to obtain under freedom of information laws, without requiring the Complainant to file a freedom of information request.